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What is a tuberous breast?

Jul 25, 2022

A tuberous breast deformity is caused by abnormal development of the breast for unknown reasons. This leads to a loss of volume and shape that predominantly affects the lower half of the breast. This can affect one, or both, breasts.

What causes a tuberous breast deformity?

From a developmental perspective, this is the result of a failure of breast development and maturation due to the presence of an internal fibrous ‘constriction band’. This leads to a narrowing of the breast base, under-development of the breast gland, protrusion of the nipple (herniation) and an inframammary fold that sits higher than usual.

Tuberous breast deformities are actually quite common and, in its mildest form, you may not even be aware that you have it. For some women, it leads to a dissatisfaction with the appearance of their breast(s), often from a young age.

How do you correct a tuberous breast deformity?

In short, the correction that is required depends on how severe the tuberous deformity is. The aim of surgery is to release any constriction and to expand the bottom half of the breast. Most commonly, this is done using a breast implant underneath the breast gland. In more severe cases, an uplift of the nipple may also be required and/or a nipple reduction to correct severe nipple herniation. All of this can often be achieved in a single stage procedure although in extreme cases a staged approach may be required.

What is the recovery like after tuberous breast correction?

Like most types of aesthetic breast surgery, your incisions should heal within a couple of weeks. You should plan to return to desk-based activities after 10-14 days, to start driving again after 3 weeks and return to (non-impact) exercise at 6 weeks. You should wear a post-surgery bra for 6-8 weeks after surgery.

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